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Do you have a creative idea or pursuit in mind, and need someone to help you conceive, plan, and execute your project? Do you need a “fitness trainer”–but for art & creativity? I just might be able to help! I’m a respected teacher/coach by profession, and I’m offering these skills to you because making time for creativity is a value I deeply want to share and nurture in the world.

A colleague once said about me, “Debbie makes us believe we can do it!” I offer a “let’s hang out and create” kind of vibe, with a good dose of “let’s figure out how to do what you want to do!”

Want to create but you’re not sure what? Visit my Padlet gallery for a variety of art explorations, and ask me about anything that appeals to you! In a “past life” I was also certified to teach Color Confidence for Quilters, a special curriculum that applies specifically to fabric.

$50/hour for one-to-one instruction, plus the cost of supplies. $25/per person/hour for small group sessions, plus the cost of supplies. Teaching can be in-person or over Zoom. Travel may incur some costs. Color Confidence for Quilters has different rates.

Subscription: stay tuned–ideas are brewing.

Contact me if you have questions or want to get started.

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Make with what we have–Part 1

Welcome to Waterlight Mosaics! This is a space to share what I make with the world, to offer my artwork and quilts, and to spark your own creativity. I’m especially excited to invite you to consider creative coaching. See more here. February 4, 2022: I saw Torn yesterday, Max Lowe’s film about his father’s life and death. Alex Lowe … Continue reading

First quilt

  True to my interest in creating beautiful AND practical things, when I started quilting, I didn’t want to dink around with a practice project. So, I made a king-sized quilt for our bed. It’s my own design, incorporating the traditional log cabin block motif in a non-traditional way. I used a lot of negative … Continue reading

New mosaic for the garden

I recently finished this. Not quite sure what to call it: Light saber? Nah, taken. Fire stick? Ditto. Lumiere? Whatever, I’m fairly pleased with it and think it makes a good companion to the explosion of color offered by mother nature. 

New tesserae

I’m falling for fabric. In 2017 I began sewing some of my own clothes (click the Clothing tab), playing around with painting on fabric, and just recently I’ve started doing exercises from Intuitive Color and Design, by Jean Wells. She’s a world-reknowned quilter, teacher, and owner of The Stitchin’ Post fabric store in Sisters, Oregon. … Continue reading


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