Sewing and quilting

I bought Lotta Jansdotter’s book Everyday Style last year and became obsessed with making the Esme top. I immediately adapted it as a sleeveless tank, because I was too scared to deal with sleeves. But then I had to deal with adapting a pattern, and figuring out how to make my own facings for the armholes.

Eventually I taught myself to do sleeves, and then evolved to the tunic. I’ve made a lot of edits to the pattern, to fit my body better, and along the way made tons of mistakes (some of which I ripped out, some of which I left and adapted some more to become a design feature), and learned a lot. Plus, I get a thrill every time I tell someone, I made that (I make my own clothes! Who knew I’d ever do that?!).

I’ve made one of the pants’ patterns, but as time goes on, I’m less thrilled with it. I recently met a woman who teaches garment construction at a local sewing store, and I think I will eventually sign up for some lessons with her.