Artist Statement

Falling in love….that is how I felt when I first saw glass-on-glass mosaic in the western window of Bedrock in Seattle. The light! The color! It took my breath away.

I have been called an old soul, which is why I love mosaic. Mosaic bridges the ancient and modern worlds, in all its elements: inspiration, design, materials. Mosaic is design, and it is work. Mosaic is spiritual, yet absolutely physical. Mosaic blends soft beauty and hard-edged tesserae. Mosaic births something new out of brokenness.

Mosaic can adorn the body as jewelry, beautify one’s walls or windows, become a permanent part of the architecture of one’s home, or create a focal point in the public realm.

In bringing a work from dream to concrete reality, I thrive on the interplay of the creative brain, of working with one’s hands, and of the unique tools of the trade. I sense the legacy of my family — a quiltmaker, a steelworker, farmers – people who worked with tools to create durable, useful, and beautiful items for their communities. From somewhere in all of this emerges my unique vision.

When people say they never tire of looking at a mosaic work, I know that work is living out its essence: to draw the eye and imagination back time after time, to engage the viewer or owner in a meditative or conversational way.

I have ‘come home’ to mosaic and would love to bring this fascinating process and unique art form into your life.



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