Color Confidence for Quilters

I am a certified teacher with Shannon Brinkley Studios

I offer short programs (45-60 minutes) and longer workshops. I am a teacher by trade, with successful experience in in-person and remote teaching, so do not fear the virtual program or workshop! If I can engage 10-year olds to enjoy learning math virtually, I assure you that we will have fun in my classes.

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A 45-60 minute session delivered in-person or virtually to touch on the four key elements of color as applied to fabric. I lead your small group through information & simple activities to explore some basics so you can feel more confident about your color choices. There are NO WRONG CHOICES, but there are some frameworks that help you understand why a design might look better to your eye. We end with a short trunk show to explore these elements of color.

Hue: color as expressed on the color wheel; primary-secondary-tertiary colors; temperature; achieving balance.

Value: the lightness and darkness of fabric, which helps create depth and emphasis.

Saturation: how bright/rich or pale a fabric is; understanding this helps us pull better palettes.

Clarity: confusing concept that trips quilters up the most, it’s about muddy versus clear fabric.


These longer sessions are offered in mix-and-match options to more deeply explore the elements of color and hone our intuition: DOING more than LISTENING. You will engage with your fabric stashes and instructor-led exercises to learn the “rules” of color and distinguish subtle differences in color, value, and saturation. You’ll experiment and play around, learning to see in new ways and understand what palettes attract or repel you. Your intuition will get stronger, and you’ll enjoy your palettes more and more.

This workshop is very hands-on, concrete, and fun. It is appropriate for quilters who have no idea how to use a color wheel and only ever use precuts, as well as quilters with a great eye for color who are looking to create more interesting, dynamic palettes and develop a signature style (and everyone in between).

Workshops are half-day (3 hours) or full-day (6 hours). Inquire for pricing and details.

Palette creation #1: Monochromatic; Complementary; Analogous

Palette creation #2: Inspiration photo; Inspiration print

Palette creation #3: Triadic; Party pull; Print mixing

Palettte creation #4: Neutrals (a separate workshop)

Though some of the terms sound technical, we demystify the concepts so you have fun and success with your own fabric choices. You leave the workshop with at least one or two concrete composition ideas that you can complete at home and that help further your own color journey.