Meet Debbie

I started this blog/website over a decade ago when I embarked on mosaic work, creating functional pieces and architectural works for clients.

Since then I have evolved into sewing and quilting, AND I’ve maintained my interest in various art forms. I think you’ll agree–as you explore the website–that my quilting and other works are mosaic-like in spirit.

In making art, I sense the legacy of my family’s generations–a quiltmaker, a steelworker, farmers–people who worked with tools to create durable, useful, and beautiful items for their communities. My artist’s mindset also interacts with my experience as a teacher and educational leader:

  • I backwards plan with the end in mind, but adapt and adjust when something goes wrong–or when a new idea occurs during the process. I don’t let mistakes stop me, and I LOVE seeing how the original path evolves into something new.
  • I want to make beautiful, practical things for people to use, objects that comfort and inspire.
  • I love to teach: to share techniques and skills, and then to guide people’s intuition and get out of the way so they can create!

Please explore my site to just enjoy the images, go down the rabbit holes of my various links, or contemplate a quilt commission. I’d love to connect with you!

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