Your loved one may be graduating from high school or college, or may be having a baby, or may have passed on from earthly life.

There is no better gift to them or to yourself than a quilt made of their clothing. The memories, scents, and energy contained in the fabric can envelop you or your loved one for years to come.

I design, piece, and quilt your custom quilt, using your loved one’s clothing paired with other fabrics that complement the clothing perfectly. Though sorry, I don’t make t-shirt quilts.

Quilts meant to be used as blankets will have batting and backings. Casket covers not meant to be used as blankets do not have batting. They can be used as table cloths or wall hangings after the funeral or memorial service.

My designs are simple and incorporate a lot of negative space, which helps keep the cost more affordable. I free-motion quilt myself, allowing some “writing” that is unique and special to the project. My style is not as precise as longarm templates, so please be aware of that. Click here for early examples of memorial quilts. I am developing a menu of designs, and at this time, you may become an integral part of that process if are commissioning me in 2022.

Or, if you just like my aesthetic, I’d be happy to make you a quilt–wall hanging, table runner, throw quilt, or for your bed…just inquire!

Pricing–under construction and dependent on size. Typical range is $400-1,200. Your rational mind may gulp, but your emotional self will be grateful! If you amortize a custom-quilt of $1,200 over just ten years, that’s just $10/month–a small price to pay for a truly unique and comforting work of art.

Feel free to contact me, and we can get started.

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