Gallery of Quilts

My mom has sewn all my life. I, however, only recently really came to sewing. A few years ago, I bought Lotta Jansdotter’s book Everyday Style and became obsessed with making the Esme top–which led to adaptations, hacking patterns, and then…what I’m really enjoying…quilting.

My first quilt was a king-sized design of my own, using the log-cabin motif as a design element, with lots of negative space, and tons of free-motion quilting, all on a small Brother home machine. It’s probably still my favorite quilt. I don’t let a big project deter me; I had a vision, learned what I needed to learn, and let my intuition guide my choices to incorporate traditional piecing and improvisation. I still think it’s my favorite quilt!Log-cabin-hanging

After this, I began making memorial quilts for friends and experimenting with other very simple designs. Hop over to Memorial Quilts, to see quilts made with clothing from the deceased beloved. 

Log cabin, an old heritage pattern, but true to my aesthetic–wonky! Work in progress. Deciding how I want to quilt this throw-sized work. I sometimes baste with glue, and sometimes quilting pins.

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Currently ungrouted. Will grout with white.