Recent projects

My mom has sewn all my life. I, however, only recently really came to sewing. A few years ago, I bought Lotta Jansdotter’s book Everyday Style and became obsessed with making the Esme top–which led to adaptations, hacking patterns, and then…what I’m really enjoying…quilting.

My first quilt was a king-sized design of my own, using the log-cabin motif as a design element, with lots of negative space, and tons of free-motion quilting, all on a small Brother home machine. It’s probably still my favorite quilt.Log-cabin-hanging

After this, I began making memorial quilts for friends and experimenting with other very simple designs. Below is a king-sized quilt for Dan, who lost his wife Felicia at a too-young age. I used her clothing in this adaptation of a pickle-dish design. There’s even some of Dan’s wedding tux in here. The red circle symbolizes Dan & Felicia, while the five other circles represent their five children. The red bands represent the holy spirit, holding all of them as they move forward without their beloved physically present.

A few more memorial quilts: the first is Denyse Schmidt’s “Free-Wheeling Single Girl”, made for Maeve, Dan & Felicia’s youngest. The second two are a commission. The third is for Claire, Dan & Felicia’s oldest daughter. All three incorporate clothing of the beloved.

And a few more odds and ends for your viewing pleasure!

Left to right:

  • Canadian Red Cross (from Cassandra Ellis’s World of Quilts)
  • The next three photos are my own design–a strip quilt inspired by Gee’s Bend quilters and the blue back showing my free motion stitching.
  • The small blue/orange/yellow was inspired by the beach and hills of Nice, France.
  • The next was inspired by the colors of Big Sur, California, in early spring.
  • The final one is the same colors, but I gave it to Clark Lawrence at La Macchina Fissa, a very cool place in Italy, so I call it La Macchina Fissa.