What’s new for 2012?

I want to extend a big thank you to all folks have: come to art shows, visited this website, purchased art, and discovered their own love of mosaic! Thanks also to Claire and Kelley, local mosaic artists and friends. You’re both doing fantastic work growing the profile of mosaics in Seattle, and I have enjoyed working with you immensely.

WaterLight Mosaics is looking forward to a creative year! Architectural and fine art projects are in the works, and I invite you to check back periodically for news. You might enjoy this picture of a classic mosaic tool: the hammer and hardie, used for cutting smalti, stone, and tile. The hardie is usually set into a smaller wood base, but this giant caught my eye late last year. Sadly, the Northwest Craft Center at the Seattle Center closed. This beauty was for sale, and is now waiting for its permanent home in my studio.

Hammer and Hardie

Hammer and Hardie


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