Completed public art project

Check it out! Our largest public creation to date. We are 99.9% done, and very happy with it. Special delights for those who look closely in person. Installed in 2 days at Hazel Miller Plaza (old Mill Town), Edmonds, Washington.

I partnered on this with Kelley Knickerbocker (, and we brought in Todd Campbell for a good bit of labor and fantastic ideas. The ease and joy of creating with this team led to its name: Divertimento. By the way, how great is it that all 3 of us live within the same two-mile radius?

Here are some interesting specs & facts:

  • 10,000 pieces – each handled multiple times from cutting, to setting, to dremeling, to grouting. This wall is highly touchable despite the incredible density and variation in height of the tesserae.
  • 50 square feet – unglazed & glazed porcelain, glass, smalti, beads, pottery (all high-fire and exterior-rated).
  • Built on thinsetted mesh.
  • Spectralock epoxy grout (Laticrete) once again proves to be the superior choice
  • Sectioned into fairly large sections prior to install because….wait for it… we PRE-GROUTED.

Pre-grouting was Todd’s amazing contribution to this project; in all innocence and wondering one day, he asks: why don’t we pre-grout? Well, after several days of thinking and mulling the pros and cons, we decided to go for it. That process deserves an entire post or article of its own.


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