The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Pablo Picasso
I saw some mosaic art of Pablo’s today via the Mosaic Art Network blog. The synchronicity of that, everpresent dust in my studio (which does have a way of counteracting the dust of daily city life), and my intentions for 2013 to keep taking the next steps forward in my mosaic work…all this inspired me to finally open an Etsy shop: WaterLightMosaics
Some of my mosaic works are small (read: affordable) and are composed of colors that will just make you smile! More works will be added as I get some pics together: small glass-on-glass works inspired by quilts and ladybugs, and some pendants.
So I invite you to check it and my website out. 
Wishing you creativity and flow,
Small work - smalti

Small work – smalti

Small work - green heart smalti

Small work – green heart smalti

Upcoming shows:

NW Mosaic Today, April 2013, Tacoma Public Library, Handforth Gallery, in conjunction with the American Mosaic Summit 2013

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