don’t miss….

…the mosaic show at the Handforth Gallery, Tacoma Public Library. It comes down on Saturday, April 27. In fact, I’ll be there at 10:30 to take my artwork and run! Seriously, I’ll be there for about 1/2 hour and then need to go. But if you come at 10:30, I’d love to see you.

Otherwise, if you’re in Tacoma or nearby, try to get there this week. Fifteen NW artists and about 30-40 beautiful works. It’s a compelling exhibit.

Driftwood 1 Driftwood 2

In other news: the conference last week in Tacoma was fantastic! Shout out to Richard Davis (Whidbey Island) and Kelley Knickerbocker (Wallingford) for their excellent work planning & serving as local hosts.

I took a 2-day class with 94-year old Israeli artist Ilana Shafir, heard wonderful talks about public art, mosaic grammar, and the restoration of a 1950s documentary on mosaic. I cohosted a booth with Kelley, at which we sold thinset/mesh substrates, many packets of “skittles”, and our favorite UV-activated adhesive. Thanks Debra Lee for helping!

This week’s mosaic happenings: the driftwood pieces you see in these pics, and a visit to Transposition at INScape. Can’t wait to see that. I’ll write about it later.

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