Art, science, and literature

I haven’t posted in a long while, but creativity is starting to flow again. You may know that I’m a generalist: I’m endlessly curious, read widely, seek connections and patterns, and am drawn to the places where different ideas, disciplines, and supposed opposites meet. I love both simplicity and complexity, and playing with how a simple phrase or color can spur a whole new creation.

Both of these “white” works were created for exhibitions celebrating the theme of white. Angle of Repose is so named in honor the concept itself and Wallace Stegner’s novel (if the term remains a mystery – do some sleuthing, and definitely read the novel). I also simply love how those words sound together.

Ode to the Coccolith was born after drilling down into the origins of the color white. Coccoliths are individual plates of calcium carbonate and are the main constituent of chalk deposits, such as those found at the Cliffs of Dover.

What seemingly mundane reality can lead you to a new discovery today?

Ode to the Coccolith


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